Now trending: purple walk


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On my whishlist…


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Dylan Dog: August 1997


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Barbie is on Instagram!


Starting from yesterday 2014 August … [Read more...]

Vicky and friends


On the right Maria Vittoria Paolillo, … [Read more...]

A pink skirt


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Mrs. Suzy Menkes


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Marianna among the finalists!


Do you remember Marianna Cimini? … [Read more...]

Dylan Dog: July 1997


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Fish soup


        I can’t update my blog very often in this period. I didn’t lose ideas, actually I have too many and I have not enough time to develop them! There’s also something new cooking, and I’m trying to do my best. I can show you only a whale and three mullets, but I hope they will turn into a good fish soup in the next future!!   … [Read more...]

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