The (free) translation of this vintage ADv could be: Aperol prevents the flu, it’s only slightly alcoholic and it’s good for children too! So drinking a Sprtz is just a remedy! Tell your friends and have a nice weekend!! … [Read more...]

Trend: vintage shearlings

MSK Style EN_A4.indd

I have a great passion about … [Read more...]

Carry it as a clutch


It’s in fashion since … [Read more...]

Saint Laurent basket


Or, in other words, from understatement to luxury and … [Read more...]

Anya stickers


Anya Hindmarch creates … [Read more...]

Andrea and…


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Dylan Dog: December 1997


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10+1 tips to coolize your closet


It’s quite difficult to translate … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!


I had a lot of ideas in my mind, a lot … [Read more...]

On Zara once again


I always speak ill of it, but I fall back all the times! … [Read more...]

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