Paper doll #14

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Fall inspiration: Hermès 1986


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A photo story by YSL

Vintage Television

I found this video thanks to Gioia Corazza, skillful illustrator and permanent contributor to magazine, who shared it on Facebook. It describes, as clearly written in the title, the 1966 woman by Yves Saint Laurent. The short film, produced or co-produced by Les Actualités Françaises, directed by Jacques Bakaes, was issued on 1966, March the 2nd and tells the story of Laurence, a young woman looking for a work in the cinema that buys the entire Yves Saint Laurent collection to go to her first job appointment with a producer. It’s a funny and ironic photo story with cartoon bubbles (so nice typefaces!) and an open final. The first thing I noticed watching it, was there is not one … [Read more...]

Vespa: the missing months


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Transitional inspiration


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Look #39


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This is fashion!


Maybe you already saw it, but I found only last Saturday and ever since I’ve been watching  at it ten times and even more, unable to leave my eyes from the screen for a second. The video, commissioned by the Royal Ontario Museum, shows, in a strong synthesis, all the steps to build a Christian Dior’s Haute  Couture gown: starting from the designer’s sketch ending to the catwalk look. It describes in detail the construction phases of the spring summer 2011 runway look no. 5 designed by John Galliano and inspired to the René Gruau illustrations. … [Read more...]

“La Notte” Mandala cuff


Monica Vitti, in the Michelangelo Antonioni’s cult movie “La Notte” from 1961, plays with a fantastic convertible cuff, molding it in various different shapes. A magnificent object, that everyone among us would like to own (at least, I would) way to take it away and start playing with nonchalance, leaving  without words any conversation partner (hoping it’s worth for it)! Well, it’s not so difficult, as you could find some models for less than ten Euros on the web! It’s definitively a great conversation piece and produces more effect than a solitaire diamond. It is a very ancient object, probably dating more than 3000 years ago. Its origin is uncertain, but the most tell it comes from Tibet, and agree to call it Mandala. Actually it’s not a jewel, but a game, built up by several metal semicircles called petals, connected by joints allowing to modify its shape variously. Moving its parts, it’s possible to obtain forms really different one from each other. … [Read more...]

Palms and Flowers


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Simonetta Gianfelici


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