The rubRiga is back!


Always in the mood of ground breaking news for spring, … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about jeans


Ground breaking for spring! Something … [Read more...]

Thank you Maria Katia!


Many among you already read about the fantabulous Maria Katia Doria’s pink brunch. She is a classy blogger, famous for her good taste and caustic humor and also known to the great public as the blonde aunt of fashion. But nobody surely saw the original official picture of the event, portraying all the participants after the party, all except me, of course, because I was shooting. But let’s do a backward step. The brunch was reserved to the bloggers, or better to the fashion bloggers, people often deemed to be envying, gossipy and litigious. Maria Katia, who loves of true love her blog (I understand her sooo well!), made the most simple and authentic thing of the world: she invited all at home, her true one, she cooked with her hands sweets, cakes, pies, salads and many other things and hosted with sympathy and naturalness. The day was truly nice, funny and this is not … [Read more...]

Entrée des fournisseurs


By the way, sometimes ago we were talking about Parisian shopping (about six months ago). This haberdashery is truly interesting for people like me, always looking for something impossible to find. In the case I was looking for a double slider separable zipper, one point ten  meters long (but 1.20 could have been suitable too). You are kindly requested not to ask me what I needed for! The shop is located in an internal courtyard, not far from Place des Vosges, more precisely in Rue des Francs Bourgeois at civic number 8. It’s quite busy and there are always many Parisians and tourists inside. Its main fields are the embroideries and the knits: you can find there balls of wool, yarns, bundles, embroidery flosses, printed canvas for cross stitch and other techniques. … [Read more...]

Always next to you


Grazia a friend next to you. In Italian the quote sounds a bit strange because the main Grazia’s competitor is Amica, that is “friend” in Italian. Moreover some years ago the two most popular Italian magazines centered their respective Advs (one against each other) on wordplays based exactly on their names. It’s the 1941 issue from where I “cut” the piece about the cosmic origin of fashion, it was a war period in Italy. I’ve always thought that during the war everything … [Read more...]

Too much Michael


She reminds me … [Read more...]

Paper doll #8

MSK Style EN_LetterUS.indd

My second paper doll … [Read more...]

A carachter


This man was … [Read more...]

Dylan Dog: April 1997


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About the cosmic origin of fashion


Today a philosophy lesson! Well, … [Read more...]

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