A small shoulder bag


Shocked by the blue and white stripes, I bought this bag at Zara. A small bag seemed to me really more elegant than the horrible hand luggage I always carry around in my everyday life. I thought it would have been enough, to slightly reduce the contents, taking out some little thing as, for examples, a pair of ballet flats I keep for the emergencies, the water bottle, my sketches notebook, the pencil case. The main feature of this bag, moreover, is that its dimension allows to perfectly fit the Ipad in, and everybody knows that a notepad is THE indispensable accessory for truly smart and cool women.

So this is the result of my severe reduction: a wallet (15 cm thick), some keys (weight 1 kilo), the Ipad of course and my Iphone (with its “Smarties” cover, bulkier than the covered object). Moral:  the bag looks more like a Mcburger than a smart accessory.

But how is it possible to fill everything inside? Do I need sole-wallets and keys? My next creation will be a clutch like this.Digital StillCamera

I must hurry, before Charlotte Olympia could steal me the idea.

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Written by Cecilia

Maths and Fantasy


  1. ahhah ho lo stesso tuo problema ;)

  2. Ahah, io sono per le borse picccole, non so perche’ ma quando svuoto una borsa grande mi accorgo sempre di essermi trascinata dietro per settimane un mucchio di robaccia inutile (e pesantissima).

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